The video Kanye West made for Kim's birthday will leave you as a sobbing mess

We’re not crying, you are. Okay fine, we are.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kanye is known to go wayyyy OTT when it comes to gifts for his bride Kimmy.

Remember when he hired out an entire baseball stadium to propose to her? Or when he had a freaking live orchestra perform in their living room for Mother's Day?


But when it came to her 36th birthday over the weekend, his present was way less lavish but a heck-load more thoughtful.

Providing a video montage of footage from Kim's childhood, her family and late father Robert Kardashian, playing over his song Only One, it's a guarantee tear-jerker.

We know Kim's been going through a hard time lately after the horrifying Paris robbery, and with all the hate she tends to get online, it's a nice reminder that she too is a human, with a real family and a real upbringing.

Captioned with a simple "Happy Birthday babe", we're seriously shipping #Kimye atm.