Kanye is attacking Taylor Swift again...

Go take a nap Kanye.

We're pretty dizzy from the continuous eye rolls we've done over this Kanye and his gross lyrics about Taylor ~drama~, but hold on kids we're about to get dizzier!!

Kanye has gone FULL Kanye all over again in a recent club appearance, where his hissy fit of the century continues on stage about that Taylor lyric.

K x 10000.

A video from TMZ captures ~YeEzUs~ yelling off into the crowd (that sorta sound like they're booing him):

"She said, 'Oooh, Kanye, I like that line,'" he claimed. "Then she won her award and said something completely different. She ain't cool no more. She had two seconds to be cool and she [BEEEEEEEP'ED] it up."


We are thinking Kanye's manager needs to go buy him a lollipop and calm him down.

Kanye, plz STAHP!

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