Here's the VMAs speech which we've all been waiting for, direct from Kanye West's mouth

You can bet your hat he took a stab at Taylor.

By Bianca Mastroianni

As promised, Kanye West was given an entire four minutes to do whatever the hell he pleases at this years MTV VMAs.

Aside from the killer outfits that rocked up on the red carpet, Kanye's ramblings is obviously what we've all been waiting for, and of course he delivered with the craziness.

As we know, Taylor Swift decided to blow off the awards night completely and now we can maybe see why. During Yeezy's speech, he clearly wanted to use the opportunity to shed ~more~ light on the entire Famous debacle with Tay, reiterating that HE CALLED HER, OKAY?!

Wifey Kim was having many LOLs in the crowd ESPECIALLY when he brings up a certain ex-boyfriend of hers... ~cough RAY J cough~. Awkward.

Obviously Kanye's intentions for Famous was to shock, and he's defs reached that goal. Would he even be given an entire four minutes at this awards night without it? Doubtful.

#SnapchatGate may never die, and that's exactly how Kimye want to keep it.