Kanye West has shaded Taylor Swift AGAIN!

When will it END?

By Bianca Mastroianni

One can and never will forget the fateful moment when Kanye West made the interruption to end all interruptions by rudely pushing Taylor Swift aside during her acceptance speech at the VMA awards SEVEN YEARS AGO!

Ye's infamous "Imma let you finish but bla bla bla Beyoncé this, I'm better than you that", started a feud between the two that is seemingly never ending to this day...

Seven years is a hell of a long time ago, but if Kanye doesn't get the final say then it ain't over.

In the track Pop Style from his upcoming album Views from the 6, Kanye can be heard rapping:

"Jay's about his business and Imma let you finish but I (heavy pause) I just I just I just wanna rock your body / take you to the garage and do some karate / chop it chop it chop it chop it sippin' sake / throw a thick b*tch on the Kawasaki."

UGHHH, let it GO Kanye.

This comes shortly after he released his track Famous off the album Life of Pablo which featured the lyrics "I made that b*tch famous".

Shortly after Taylor slayed him to the death with her not-so-subtle Grammy acceptance speech. Funnily enough she inadvertedly has slayed him AGAIN by winning the Taylor Swift award (for being Taylor Swift - duh) right as this news surfaced.

Keep on keepin' on Kanye, but you should probs stahp with the whole Taylor dramz. She is, after all, kween of the pop world.