Kanye West has hit peak Kanye with this weird message to Taylor Swift on his Twitter


By Bianca Mastroianni

In case you've been hiding under a rock since 2009 and missed the start of what would become the biggest celebrity feud of all time, then we remind you that Kanye and Taylor Swift are ~mortal enemies~.

Starting from the "Imma let you finish," scandal, to Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor's lies in regards to Kanye's song lyrics for Famous, both sides have attacked with utter vengeance whenever they've had the chance.

Just yesterday Kanye continued to hit back at Taylor during his 2016 VMAs speech, calling her out yet again over the now, really old drama.

The rant was predictable, but what's not, is Kanye flippin' West.

Now, only a few hours after his rant, he has posted this on Twitter:

Yes, that's a tee shirt with both his and Taylor's album artwork alongside each other. Kanye has captioned the pic "unity love," and we can't help but make this face RN:

We aren't going to say this is another way to keep the scandal in the spotlight... but we aren't not going to say it either.

Clearly, fans are losing their minds over WTH is going on in Yeezy's mind, with Twitter responses like:

We're sure there will be more to come, so stay tuned.