Kanye West is working on new music on a mountain top

Classic Yeezy.

By Jessica Lynch

He only released his eighth album Life of Pablo last Feb, but Kanye West fans have permission to get excited all over again ‘cos the rapper is apparently busy writing music… On a mountain top!

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Yep, a mountain top.

Now, we’d love to say this shocked us, but it’s Kanye, so nothing surprises us anymore tbh.

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Anyway, TMZ reported today that the eccentric star has been super busy holed up for the past few weeks while he gets those ~creative~ juices flowing at a Wyoming retreat up in the mountains in an attempt to disconnect from everyone and everything.

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This probs explains why the usually outspoken star has been out of the spotlight of late, since he skipped heading to The Met Gala with wife Kim Kardashian, and later abruptly deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

While many thought deleting his social media presence indicated he was in a bad state of mind, an insider tells People that he’s actually in a really great place rn.

"Kanye couldn't stop talking about his wife recently, calling her the sweetest thing. Kim and Kanye are in a great place. They are just so happy. He's doing really great."

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Well, mountain top or no mountain top, we’re glad to know that everything’s fine in Kanye’s world and can’t wait for some fresh ~tunes~ to drop!