Karlie Kloss has been accused of racism again

It is the second time this month…

By Matt Galea

Another day, another model accused of racism…

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Last week, Karlie Kloss came under fire for mistaking Beyoncé for being a former member of ‘90s RNB group, TLC when she was actually a member of Destiny’s Child.

The internet was quick to call Karlie out on her mistake, but while some made light-hearted jokes about her face palm moment, others accused her mix-up as being very racist.

The 24-year-old is being accused of racism once again, this time for appearing in a Vogue shoot where she was dressed as a Geisha.

Unsurprisingly, hordes of Twitter users came down on ol’ Klossy like a tonne of bricks, accusing her of cultural appropriation.

Obvs sensing the tension of the room, Karlie took to Twitter to apologise for taking part in the shoot and promised to never involve herself in anything similar ever again.

”These images appropriate a culture that is not my own and I am truly sorry for participating in a shoot that was not culturally sensitive,” she wrote.

”My goal is, and always will be, to empower and inspire women. I will ensure my future shoots and projects reflect that mission.”

This comes just weeks after Gigi Hadid was accused of being racist by squinting her eyes to imitate a Buddha cookie.

Hopefully after this string of incidents, all celebs will refrain from being culturally insensitive in future.