Karlie Kloss is NOT okay with you dragging her into this Taylor and Kim drama

Karlie has a message for the haters.

By Sammy Stewart

Karlie Kloss is basically being punished for being a nice girl and we’re not about it.

Karlie, a Victoria's Secret model, cookie entrepreneur, coder and BFF to Taylor Swift was asked to comment on the Kimye vs Taylor feud this week.

Sunday Time Style asked Karlie if she thought Kim was a "good person" or not and being the sweet, drama-free human that she is, Karlie responded with, "I think she's been a lovely person to me in the past."

Pretty diplomatic answer, yes?

Except, the internet thought Karlie's answer was too passive.

Immediately, Swifties got a little too carried away with Karlie's answer and accused her of being a "bad friend" to Taylor. So, Karlie - who's always kept her chill - had to fire up the Twitter and set the record straight.

Preach it, sista.