Did Kate Hudson just ~friendzone~ Nick Jonas?

Hold up…what??!

About five minutes ago, no joke, we were ~pretty~ convinced that Nick J and Kate Hudson were part of the #Snowmance committee (aka stars falling in love on the slopes.)

Well, according to Kate, the two are merely friends and she’s pretty certain that they’re NOT dating.

On the red carpet at yesterday’s Golden Globes, K-Hud pretty much shut down any rumours of a potential ~romance~ with Nicky babes when she was asked by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush if she was in “LOVE”.

"Stop it. No. Friendly." Ouch. Much harsh. Very pain. Hmm, TBH if we just started seeing someone and were asked legit a week into the relationship if we were head over heels in LOVE with our bae, we’d probs give the same answer.

Still, perhaps Nick and Kate haven’t had the “what are we…?” talk. Or she could easily just enjoy hanging out with the hunkiest Jonas and not be dating him.

What are your thoughts? Is Kate pulling our leg? Let us know in the comments!

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