Katy Perry legit has a gold Nike tick on her tooth

Just do it?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Katy Perry has a gold Nike tick on her tooth

Dunno about you, but we've definitely spent more time than necessary making fake grillz with foil before...

But you know what's way more chic and can totally earn you $$ (if you're a celeb of course), is endorsing your fave brand on YOUR TEETH.

Yep, your teeth. Branded.

How? Well take a look at Katy Perry's new Nike gold tick she has stuck on her tooth...

Hollywood Life made the discovery after her fans noticed a shimmer of gold on her tooth, and we can't help but wonder #WHY?

Nike endorsement?

New Katy Perry Nike range coming out??

Who knows, but all of a sudden we want to stick our fave logos on our teeth.