Kellan Lutz reveals how he was his biggest fan’s prom date

LUCKY girl.

While Kellan Lutz's The Legend of Hercules flick was a teeny bit of a flop, he truly redeemed himself with this REAL life heroic quest.

He made one lucky high schooler's night(/life) when he took her to prom earlier this month.

The ~blessed~ 18-year-old's name is Brianna Siciliano, and it all began when she won a comp to video chat with Kellan. From then on, they remained friends!

While most prom-going celebs will just make an appearance at the formal events, 30-year-old Kellan went ALL in.

In his sleek black suit and florals to match his date's, he arrived in a Bentley and then effortlessly posed in every classic high school formal pic there is.

He revealed to Cosmo this week how Brianna's fairytale night all came together.

"We danced the night away," the heartfelt hottie said. "It was really special for both of us."

“Half the school knew that I might be coming, the other half thought she was lying.”

This is the first time he’s EVER accepted a fan’s prom invite. Turns out he’s had a sweet spot for Bri over the years.

"We had that kind of relationship of me befriending her and trying to give her love in her life.” swoons

The thrilled teen even journalled the whole night in this Buzzfeed post, revealing how she was "miserable" and "didn’t have any friends whatsoever".

She said one of her biggest joys became watching movies starring none other than Kellan. It was his "kind, admirable personality" that kept her smiling. (Though we're sure the dazzling smile and biceps didn't go astray).

Brianna also documented each step of her dream night in detail, with warm n fuzzies including how the "Prince Charming" opened "every single door" and how she couldn't stop blushing or maintain eye contact with the hunk. Can ya blame the girl?