Kendall Jenner wanted ‘nothing to do with anyone’ at the VSFS

Why so antisocial, Kenny?

By Natasha Harding
Kendall Jenner was reportedly antisocial AF at the VSFS

If, like us, you spent the majority of the weekend re-living the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you’ll have noticed a few things: Apart from the ridiculously good-looking models, sexy AF lingerie and pumping tunes, the flight of VS angels also looked like they are legit BFFs as they walked down the runway.

Welp, turns out looks might be deceiving with claims that one of the supermodels went full-on Mean Girls backstage but we’re not sure we’re picking up what these reports are putting down.

According to the New York Post, an ‘unconfirmed source’ told the publication that, despite the show’s ‘sky high’ security sitch, Kendall Jenner wasn’t there to make friends and “wanted nothing to do with anyone except the people doing her hair and makeup, her handler and Gigi.”

Basically, we’re supposed to believe Kendall pulled a Gretchen Wieners BTS. Yeah, right.

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The source went on to say that Ken’s antisocial behaviour was all about keeping up with the Kardashians the Jenner sister safe but said she went a little OTT on the whole security thing.

“She had a special handler the whole time when other girls didn’t,” another anonymous insider told Page Six. “She arrived at the after-party with private security, even though the police were there.”

TBF, we can’t help but think that in light of Kim’s robbery, the more security guards keeping Kenny safe the better.

As for the DGAF attitude? Well, that just doesn’t sound like Ken at all.