Finally some ~real~ proof that Kendall Jenner is dating A$AP

And fans are losing it...

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kristen Bell Gossip Girl voice: SPOTTED - Leggy brunette leaves lil sis' 19th birthday bash at The Nice Guy with her own nice guy, looking like they needed to get out of there ~as soon as possible~...

THIS is big news, because Kendall Jenner is usually veeerryyyy secretive about her romantic endeavors. Although lately, we haven't even had to go digging for it. Maybe that's luv.

Not only has Kendall been seen strolling around with and A$AP, going on dinner dates and even attending his concerts, but now the two have left Kylie's 19th birthday/cosmetics launch party together.

You can see the pics here. Note of the urgency in Kenny's face...

Since then Kendall uploaded this pic on her Instagram, sending fans into meltdown because who wouldn't ship this couple!?

Even though a ~source~ told US Weekly that "It's a fling. It's not serious," TBH that's good enough for us.