So Kendall and A$AP are proper offish, and we're STOKED


By Bianca Mastroianni

We been speculating for months over whether Kendall Jenner and A$AP are actually a thing or not, but now we can ~sorta~ put a big old "CASE CLOSED" stamp on this file.

Just last week, Kendall was spotted leaving Kylie's 19th birthday with A$AP, which came shortly after they were seen frolicking around together on several dates. Now, a source has told US Weekly they're 3000% dating.

"It's the real deal," the source said. "They’re both major players. They have lots to talk about!"

It's not like Kendall to make her relationships public, but it seems like she's been a bit less low-key in regards to her lurve for A$AP.

Which also makes us about ten million per cent sure the whole #Hendall thing was totally whack. Nonsense.