Harry Styles is just not into you Kendall, he can't be tamed

The struggle of dating Harold is real.

We totally shipped #Hendall but still, it's a nice to know that not even a supermodel like Kendall Jenner can tie down our future husband Harry Styles.

Kendall has ~apparently~ admitted to close friends that she and Harry are totally over, because he "is just not that into her," as mysterious sources says.


So what about the whole roOoOomantic yacht debacle? Well that ship has officially sailed (LOLz), as Kendall feels that Harry wasn't bothered to pursue anything after the holiday.

Another one of those crazy sources has spilled all the goss to Celebs Now, saying "she allowed herself to get swept away with the romance, upsetting her good friend Taylor Swift who's also dated the One Direction star in the past, in the process."

Er, too much akwardness to deal with RN. If you believe this that is, which we don't. Moving on! XX

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