Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles party with 5SOS

'Stalker Sarah' reveals all about their wild night...

Do you remember Stalker Sarah, the on-the-ball teen who is like, ALWAYS snapping selfies with celebrities?

Well it turns out she’s back at it, and might have just given us proof that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have rekindled their romance.

She’s just got tongues wagging in the 1D fandom over the weekend with these tweets…


So here’s how it all went down. On a rare night off on their On the Road Again Tour, Haz decided to rock out off-stage in Cali with some friends and apparently Kendall.

So do you believe the romance rumours? Well surprise, surprise, most of 1D fans are calling Sarah's bluff.

Or yeah, maybe we’re all simply not ready to surrender beloved Haz to a supermodel JUST yet…

Also it seems Niall might’ve not been in for such a big night, the morning after the party he was caught bright-eyed and in a SUPER awkward video from a fan.