Kendall Jenner has described her ideal boyfriend

Ladies, start taking notes.

By Matt Galea
Kendall Jenner has described her ideal boyfriend

While Valentine’s Day is done and dusted here in Australia, it is still in full swing over in the USA and Kendall Jenner is totally feeling the L-O-V-E vibes.

The model has taken to her app to describe her ideal man with three must-have qualities that the lucky dude must possess.

"Dating is hard!" she explains. "It's not always easy to find someone you just click with."

Well, it looks like the 21-year-old model has found a few guys that she’s "clicked" with as she has been romantically linked to the likes of Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Jordan Clarkson, Chandler Parsons and most recently, ASAP Rocky.

"Especially in my industry, any guy that takes himself too seriously is not for me. We have to be able to laugh together!" She continued.

Hm, we wonder which of the aforementioned suitors took himself too seriously and wasn’t able to have a laugh with ol’ Kenny?

She went on to say that it is absolutely essential that she and her bae have similar interests!

"If we don't have any, then what are we going to do?" She explained. "It would be great if he is into the same music as I am or if he likes cars. Or, if he just likes being spontaneous like I do — that would be a good place to start!"

Her last must-have in a man was pretty unsurprising considering she is totes a faaaarshun model.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star says that he must, must, MUST have good style.

"I don't really care what a guy is wearing as long as he knows how to put it together," she says. "It's so attractive when a guy knows how to dress himself. If I'm going to look good, he better too!"

Uh, yeah! Good point!

Kendall’s description of the perf man is, well, perf! Add those pointers to the top of your boyfriend wish-list, pronto.