SPOTTED: Kendall Jenner on a V romantic date with a major musician

Relationship #konfirmed.

By Matt Galea
Kendall Jenner went on a date with ASAP Rocky

It looks like Kendall Jenner is officially off the market... again? Not so sure anymore.

Anyway, since the beginning of 2016, it has been heavily rumoured that Kenny was dating high-profile rapper, A$AP Rocky.

But the 21-year-old model and the 28-year-old rapper have done a great job of keeping their burning romance a secret… until now.

The pair were spotted out the front of Nobu restaurant in Malibu on Sunday after eating dins with friends of the couple, then they left together in Kendall’s Ferrari.

This follows a pattern of public sightings. The pair has reportedly been spotted together on a few occasions over the past few months.

Back in October, the pair spent time together in an LA hotel and in September, the two were spotted being all touristy in Paris.

They were even recently seen clubbing together until the early hours of the morning and acting ~"very flirty"~ but we kept getting a spanner thrown in the works, in the form of NBA star Jordan Clarkson.

The VS model has a history of keeping her relationships with mega famous babes private, remember this glorious affair?

Although, the fact that Kenny took her bae to a ~celebrity hot spot~ like Nobu makes us wonder if maybe she wants the world to know about her relationship status.

Heck, the Kardashians themselves eat at Nobu like, all the damn time, so she majorly ran this risk of bumping into Mama Kris or one of her sisters.

Either way, we’re very happy for you Kenny, and ain't he just the luckiest man in the world rn.

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