Kendall Jenner finally addresses whether she punched that paparazzi

What's the deal?

A couple of weeks ago Kenny J and her BFF Gigi were leaving the Balmain fashion show in Paris when there was a bit of a #DRAMA.

Basically, it looked like Kendall had punched a paparazzi who got way too invasive as the girls were leaving the party.

Kendall has finally clarified what REALLY happened via her app, telling her side of the story.

“All I ask for is just a bubble of space to breathe, and he disrespected that… So, I grabbed his camera and pushed it away across my body, sort of trying to push and pull it out of his hand at the same time. Of course, that side motion with my arm is why all of the pictures look like punches were flying. They totally weren't! I just wanted him and his camera out of my face!”

We guess for us that would be like someone getting right up in our face and recording it on Snapchat. #WeFeelForYaGurl #CanUNot #Pls

Thankfully, Kendall’s security guard stepped in and had the photos deleted.

“He definitely deleted them, which I'm thankful for," she writes.

And just FYI, Kendall isn’t a puncher.

"Violence is never my thing. I get that they have a job to do, too, but I'd love if they gave me a break every now and then."

After the week this girl has had, we couldn't agree more.

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