Kendall Jenner clarifies her relationship status with A$AP Rocky

In a roundabout kinda way.

By Amber Manto

Stop right there if you thought Kendall Jenner was 100 per cent with A$AP Rocky coz she may have just poured a big old jug of water on that hot rumour.

In her recent interview with Vogue, Kendall clarified her current relationship status and sorry all you A$AP fans but she admits she's a single pringle – has been for the last two years apparently.

While Kenny admits she's “dated” guys (like basketballer Jordan Clarkson and of course, A$AP Rocky), she’s never actually been with someone long enough to DTR and make it offish.

But don’t get too heartbroken just yet all you A$AP fans coz all hope is not lost. Considering [US Weekly] only #Confirmed their relationship less than two weeks ago AND considering this Vogue interview no doubt took place before that, we reckon this might be a case of times have changed things. Fingers crossed anyways. We'd like to see Kenny happy in ~lurve~.