This Kendall and Cara news might make things even *more* awkward between the two ex-BFFs


By Bianca Mastroianni
Kendall Jenner kicks Cara Delevingne from top model spot

CaKe who?

Unfortunately, it seems like KenGi has replaced the beloved BFFs Kendall and Cara... and boy do we miss their friendship.

Aaaaages ago, there was some ~weird~ drama between Kendall and Cara regarding their CaKe fashion label, with momager Kris wanting Kendall's initials to come before Cara's... making it, KeCa...??

Since then, the BFFs haven't been spending like any time together, so we can imagine this news might make it even more awkies for them.

Kendall Jenner has just kicked Cara from the #1 spot on Tumblr's 2016 Year in Review Top Models List. Cara now comes in at number #3, with Gigi Hadid at #2.

Like we said, awkward.

Who else made the ~exclusive~ list?

Bella Hadid came in at #4, with Karlie Kloss at #7. Ah, the ~it~ girls are really making their names known, that's for sure.