Apparently Kendall and A$AP have stepped up to the "I love you" stage and we're freaking out

And now she's wearing his merch in public.

By Bianca Mastroianni

When you wear your rumoured bae's merch, it's basically this generation's equivalent of making it #offish.

Sofia Richie was spotted with Bieber's Purpose tour jumper right before everything went down...

... And now Kendall is wearing an "A.S.A.P" beanie. On her hand. See it here.

This must mean they're in love, right? RIGHT! (We think). According to a ~source~ at Hollywood Life A$AP has rushed to comfort Kendall after his stepmum shunned her to hell with a heap of nasty comments.

"It’s looking like his stepmum just brought them closer," the source revealed. "He even told Kendall the magic three words — I love you — and he really meant that. She said it back to him, too." Wowza.

Looks like #KA$AP is here to stay. We ship.