Kendall and Kylie Jenner are SUPER angry at Instagram RN

And so are a lot of other people TBH.

When Instagram recently announced they were totally changing things up, we kinda brushed past it as a major "eh" because let's be real, algorithms and stuff don't really get us excited.

However upon further research into what is actually doing down we discovered that in the future, what appears on your newsfeed will be what Instagram prioritises from your fave celebs and best friends. Basically so you don't miss it when it's initially uploaded.

Sounds pretty cool yes, but it has its downsides...

It means that accounts that are already popular will get even more likes, and accounts that er, struggle with the likes won't be a priority to show in the newsfeed. Basically making the Instagram game even HARDER!

UGH, annoying. People are angry, and rightly so. There is even a change.org petition with 70,000 signatures!!!

Surprisingly Kendall and Kylie Jenner are backing them up.

Kylie posted a pic captioned: "Ugh Instagram if it's not broke don't fix it! Instagram is changing out of chronological order 😔 so let's say you love someone's photos but don't physically "like" their pics they will bump them to the bottom. It's called INSTAgram for a reason. I don't really understand it and there has to be another motive because you follow people for a reason. I'm trying to see everyone's pics. That's why you created the unfollow button if u don't want to see their photos. I hate this new update @instagram is slowly trying to introduce & yes it's true they warned us all a few weeks ago."

Kylie also hinted at the fact that the main factor pushing this new move is ding ding ding $$$ dollars.

Kendall retweeted a fan's post that sort of speaks the absolute truth...

Kenny and Kylizzle will defs not be affected by the Instagram change, because they're obviously two of the most followed people on the app, but it's nice to see them standing up for what us mere I.G mortals are against.

Insta, if you wanna change something at least make it ~kewl~ and not so boooorang!

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