Kendall and Kylie show their support for sister Kim's nude selfie in a ~stylish~ way

Turning that censor bar into real-life fah-shun.

If there's one thing extraordinary brilliant about the Kardashian/Jenner family it's the glue that sticks those sisters together - it's ~industrial~ level.

The world wide web kicked up a massive stink over Kim Kardashian's nude selfie, which quickly became an international debate on feminism and body acceptance, with people finding their own ways to express their opinions.

(Most predominately on Twitter and/or Instagram posts, cos 2016).

Younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner have taken their own unique approach to show support for their sis, and it's probably the chicest way yet. How klassic of them.

Kendall stepped out during Paris Fashion Week bearing a real-life censor bar crop top. And Kylie posted a similar selfie to Kim's, wearing a tube top censor bar bikini.

Slay you subtle but gawjuz kweens.

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