Kevin G from Mean Girls is now a regulation hottie

And you’ll never guess what he does for a living now…

Kevin G from Mean Girls is now a regulation hottie

If someone had told us that our fave mathlete Kevin G had become a fully-fledged babe, we would’ve been like, ‘Er, yeah, OK, stop trying to make fetch happen’.

But after a quick stalk of his Instagram account (don’t ask how or why we stumbled across his page), it’s come to our attention that Kev AKA Rajiv Surendra is an A-grade hottie.

Like, day-um Africa. Where did those abs come from?

We agree. We think he’s really pretty.

Unfortunately he did not grow up to become a bad a*s MC as we had all hoped and dreamt.

He’s actually the mother of all slashers. According to his Insta bio, he’s an “actor/calligrapher/potter/chalk artist/painter/beekeeper/collector/public speaker/doer of many many things...” We’re guessing mathlete and MC come under the ‘many things’ umbrella…

Rajiv's website is called Letters in Ink and he talks about his ~deep~ love for the written word: "I’ve developed my own, unique style of calligraphy based on penmanship styles from the past few centuries."

Who would've thunk it, eh?

Oh Kevin, sorry, Rajiv, you can paint your way into our hearts anytime.