Kevin McHale talks Glee, advice and stealing wheelchairs!

After seeing the last-ever season of Glee (sniff), we just HAD to catch up with Kevin McHale about playing Artie for the last time.

Kevin McHale talks Glee, advice and stealing wheelchairs!

It’s hard to believe it was six years ago Glee first appeared on our screens, and if there’s one character who captured our hearts, it was the oh-so sweet, wheelchair-bound, Artie Abrams (AKA Kevin McHale).

When we caught up with the 26-year-old, he was about to film the final episode. “It’s always been a part of my life so it’s weird that it’s 
all coming to an end,” he told DOLLY. 
And in case you were wondering, yep, Kevin is just as lovable as Artie IRL.

How does it feel now that Glee is coming to a close?
“It’s strange, isn’t it? It’s hard to fathom, but we’ve known it’s been coming and that’s helped soften the blow.”

When the director calls “cut!” for the last time, how do you think you’ll feel?
“You know what’s been weird? Some cast members have already finished shooting so there’s several characters who’ve had their series wrap already! 
I guess I imagined that it would just be everybody together and we’d all end it at once. So, I feel like it will either be 
a big to-do, where everyone will just completely lose it, or it might be one 
of those things where you are in shock and almost lack emotion.”

What will you miss most?
“I definitely plan on stealing the wheelchair! I know they have a couple so they can afford to lose one of them and I’m not even going to ask.”

Got any advice for Artie?
“You know what, I think he’s done 
a really good job of following his passions and not really getting too caught up in all of the high school drama... so I would say, ‘Keep on following what you want to do and 
not conforming to what everyone else 
is doing.’ Because I think he’s done a damn good job of it so far!”

What’s your trailer like?
“This season it’s been kind of lame because I didn’t decorate it. When
you pass Lea Michele’s trailer it smells like heaven. She has candles!”

There’s obviously been hard times during filming, like losing your friend Cory Monteith. Do you think it made the cast stronger?
“I do. It’s not just the cast; it’s the crew, too. We’re one giant community. When we have tough situations, whether it’s the press or dealing with losing other crew members and friends, you have each other to lean on.”

What’s next? Got any other projects in the works?
“I’m working on a UK series which has been picked up for two more seasons, and maybe some films over summer. I’m a bit of a workaholic so I’m trying to film as much as possible.”

Interview: Jessica Bailey.