Kim Kardashian faked the entire robbery just to get her BUTT size reduced, OH PLZ!

You here for the drama?

By Sammy Stewart

Every time a new Kim Kardashian robbery conspiracy comes up in news feeds, this actual face is made:

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After being held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel this past October and thankfully making her way out of the situation unharmed, Kimmy K has kept a pretty low profile.

Perhaps it’s because she endured an incredibly scary experience NO ONE should ever have to go through and is taking her time to recover with her family- which is pretty likely.

But then there’s this new theory which suggest Kim has actually undergone… wait for it… a butt reduction.

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Yes, despite our gurl Kimmy being the bootylicious kween that she is, Instagram account RoastKardashians is legit convinced that Kim faked her entire robbery as a decoy while she got a bit of butt and hip reduction surgery.

Hmm... yeah nah.

In case you're buying into it, Paris police Chief Christian Sante has already told Vanity Fair the event 3000% actually happened, "there is no doubt about the reality of the crime."

So just stop while your ahead, theorists and leave Kim and her butt alone.

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