Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris party together and we're sensing an alliance here

This photo of them together is blowing up the internet.

By Erin Van Der Meer

Of all the celebrity parties we’d kill to be a fly on the wall at, Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday in Las Vegas on Saturday night takes the (birthday) cake.

Not just because J.Lo is and will always be our kween, but because Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris were both there - and they hung out together.

Rapper French Montana snapped some god damn Instagram gold when he posed for a photo with the b’day girl, Kim and Calvin, proving the latter two have indeed been in contact following their separate but closely linked feuds with Taylor Swift.

An eye-witness told TMZ that Kim and Calvin chatted together at the bash. Wonder what they talked about? The weather? New movies they want to see? Who knows.

Did this happen before or after they both Snapchatted themselves singing along to Kanye lyrics over the weekend we wonder? Kim’s post was more kontroversial – she actually sang Yeezy’s "Famous" line about Taylor "I made that b*tch famous" but soon deleted it.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s probably just at home spooning Tom Hiddleston and being all like …

But let’s not allow Calvin and Kim to overshadow the birthday girl, who looked so damn good it hurts. Forty seven, shmorty shmeven.