VERY IMPORTANT: Kim Kardashian exposes Taylor Swift over the “Famous” lyrics and BURN!!!


By Bianca Mastroianni

Taylor has FINALLY broken her silence, and posted this epic response on her Instagram:


Selena has now jumped on board to defend her BFF with these two #fire tweets:


With a crap load of "he said, she said" going on for months and months over Kanye West's Famous lyrics regarding Taylor Swift, we can finally put this issue to bed.

Pun SO intended...

Kanye's "Famous" music video
Kanye's "Famous" music video

Kim Kardashian has just won wife of the year, by fully exposing Taylor Swift via her Snapchat. Everyone by now knows the #drama surrounding Kim, Kanye and Taylor... and if you don't then you can brush up on the celeb feud of the year right here.

For months on end Kanye has been made out to be basically scum for rapping lyrics that we ~assumed~ Taylor had no idea about. Well, we assumed that because Taylor was MORTIFIED and made it damn well known... But Kim has 3000% stood by her husband, constantly reminded us that she recorded the conversation where Kanye asked Taylor for her permission.

The past week has been hard on Taylor, and we think Kim has chosen this specific time to basically slay her to the death. Not only have Calvin and Katy Perry attacked her on Twitter, but she has also been getting spammed with 'snake' emojis by people on social media.

You can hear on Kim's Snapchat (that continues to be updated as we speak) Kanye reading out loud the lyrics to his song Famous - in particular the line that upset Taylor the most, and Taylor not only agreeing, but profusely thanking Kanye for being so "respectful."

Dayummmm son, this is juicy.

Kim promised fans that the video would be exposed, and she's defs lived up to her promises. On National Snake Day OF ALL DAYS.

A picture tells a thousand words, but in this case... a video reveals a massive lie.