Kim Kardashian was grabbed by that man who attacked Gigi Hadid


By Sammy Stewart

Last week, serial pest/ renowned idiot Vitalii Sediuk came up behind Gigi Hadid after a fashion show in Milan and grabbed her.

Overnight, Kim Kardashian was assaulted by the same guy in the streets of Paris and the photos are seriously scary:

As Kim was getting out of her car, Vitalii tried to tackle her, but Kim's amazing PA Steph stepped in, as well as her bodyguard allowing her to make a safe getaway.

Vitalii has developed a reupution for being a "prankster", or what we'd like a to call, a pain in the butt. Aside from the incident involving Gigi, his other stunts include kissing Miranda Kerr on the cheek in 2015 and attacking Brad Pitt at the premiere of Maleficent in 2014 (which got him arrested).

This needs to stop. NOW.