Kim and Kylie face swap on Snapchat and reach a whole new level of #twinning

Kylie's ultimate goals.

Out of the Kardashian/Jenner klan, it's pretty darn obvi that Kim and Kylie look the most alike, even Kylie has admitted that out of her sisters, it's Kimmy who inspires her the most.

Kylie, taking to her fave social media platform, used the Snapchat "face swap" filter on herself and Kim while they were hangin' out. And OF COURSE, the results were bae x 10.

"I've always wanted to look like you!" Kylie yells, and for reals at first sight it's next to impossible to determine who's who.

Twins? Illuminati? Not sure...

Although they're both ~gorgeous~ even they can't escape the slightly off-putting vibe the filter gives off, acknowledging that something just ain't quite right about it.

"I just think your face doesn't fit my head," Kylie explained. Kim responds hilariously with: "I always thought you had a really small face."

Props to you Snapchat for giving us a better filter than the 'dog' filter which seems to never go away. XX

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