There could be a whole range of celebrity emojis and our phones are feeling #blessed

We're talking Taylor, JB, Zayn and more.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If Kim Kardashian's Kimojis weren't the best thing that's happened to your phone then we'll eat every one of our Harry posters.

Filled with everything ~Kardashian~ it has opened up a whole new world of emojis, where we can now express ourselves with big butts and allll the hair flicks.

Now, there's rumours Kimmy K is branching out of her own world and launching a whole set of emojis dedicated to A-list celebs.

Here are the possibilities:

Yep, Bieber and his dreads, Taylor Swift and her red lips, Katy Perry and her dancing shark... but to top it all off, Zayn in bed for "Pillowtalk."


For reals, our phones have never been more ready.

We're crossing all our fingers and toes for this to be legit and not just some troll with Photoshop because the original emojis are so damn basic in comparison.