This is what Kim Kardashian orders when she does a Maccas run

And no, it’s not something from McCafe.

By Nikki Kinstlinger

When you think about a Kardashian’s diet you probably, like us, assume it consists of salad, salad, ice-tea and more salad (seriously though, those salads they’re always eating look really good). But via a new post on her website, Kim Kardashian has revealed what she orders from her favourite fast food restaurants, proving that even the strongest-willed-women can be brought to their knees by a 6-pack of chicken nuggets.

Although the hot mama is currently working hard on her body with the help of the Atkins Diet, she admits she still has her occasional days off.

"Fast food is def one of my guilty pleasures," Kim writes. “I go very rarely, but OMG I love it so much when I decide to indulge."

We hear that, sister (minus the “go very rarely” part.)

At McDonald’s, Kim says she “always” orders a small fries and maybe a cheeseburger or chicken McNuggets, but will only eat half the pack. Now, depending on whether she’s ordering a 6, 10, or 24 pack of which she only eats half is another question entirely, but if she is trying to tell us that she only eats 3 out of 6 nuggets and lets the other half go free, then we have to assume she is actually not human. At all.

Moving on to Chipotle (a delicacy we haven’t been blessed with here in Australia), Kim reveals she gets a burrito bowl and a Diet Coke “with lots of ice” because “if they don’t put ice in it, I die.”

Next on the list we have In-N-Out (again, sadly, non-existent in Australia) where she orders a cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla shake, and over at KFC you’ll find her choosing the extra-crispy chicken wings and a scone with honey (please don’t ask us why American KFCs sell scones – or biscuits as they refer to them – because we are just as confused by this as you are, and insanely jealous.)

Lastly, at Taco Bell, Kimmy indulges in one soft beef taco and one hard beef taco and some cinnamon twists for dessert.

So as you can see, even the most body-conscious of them all have their guilty pleasures. And whilst our lists would probably end up being double the length of Kim’s if we ever decided to torture our consciences by writing them down, it’s nice to know fast-food love is universal, doesn’t discriminate and knows no bounds.