Actual footage of Kim Kardashian's robbers have surfaced an it's chilling...

There's been a breakthrough in the investigation.

By Bianca Mastroianni

There has ~finally~ been a major breakthrough in the investigation surrounding Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery where 5 masked men held a gun to her head, stealing millions of dollars of jewellery from her.

Horrifying details have just come from the hotel's concierge, and now, REAL LIFE video footage France's M6 television station have obtained of five men, three on bikes and two on foot, have emerged.

It shows the men arriving and leaving a spot near the building at the times the robbery began, and then ended around 50 minutes later.

In to footage which was published on TMZ, one man has a backpack on the front of his bike which could most definitely be holding millions of dollars' worth of jewellery stolen from Kim, as well as the gun which was held to her head.