Kourtney Kardashian reveals two things about Kendall and Kylie that may shock you

Would you have guessed this?

By Bianca Mastroianni

If there's someone who knows our favourite Jenner sisters through and through, it's their sister Kourtney.

So when Khloe Kardashian recently hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show (um, what an honour), she FaceTimeed sis Kourtney and got her to play a lil game of "fill in the blanks."

Big sister Kourt eventually revealed Kendall and Kylie aren't as ~perfect~ as we've imagined... we learn that not only is Kylie messy as all hell, but Kendall is a horrible babysitter.

TBH with all of Kylie's clothes, wigs, makeup, shoes, accessories and dogs... we can understand how she can get a little messy.

We have A LOT less things than her and rock the floordrobe on a daily basis.

As for Kendall, she is wayyyy too busy jet-setting around the world being the most baben supermodel so we can totes cut her some slack when it comes to babysitting her nieces and nephews. Just sayin'.

Side note: Kourtney claims she's defs the sexiest out of the siblings and we sorta agree...

Actually, we totally agree.