Kris Jenner's little sister underwent a 5-hour facelift to look like her

“I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would.”

At the ripe (young) age of 61, it’s safe to say that Kris Jenner looks like a million dollars. So much so, Kris’ younger sister Karen Houghten, 57, recently had a facelift in the hopes of looking like her famous sibling.

Karen’s five-hour procedure was documented for an episode of Inside Edition. She visited Beverly Hills based plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei for an ‘auralyft’ – which, BTW, is the most extensive facelift on offer. The process involved moving the entire face up to raise the brow line, while also transferring from under the eyes into the cheeks.

"Certain angles of my face were just not what I wanted," she said. "No one wants a double chin … I want to be a little more beautiful.”

Three weeks after going under the knife, Karen removed the protective bandages and was very happy with the results. “I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would,” she said.

Karen added that she underwent the changes for herself. “[I] wanted to do it for me,” she said. “And of course the Kardashians. Everyone wants to look beautiful.”

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au