Kris Jenner gives her verdict on whether Hiddleswift is legit or not

Coz if anyone would know it would be the Mumma of Reality TV, right?

By Amber Manto

With Hiddleswift moving faster than a Japanese bullet train, and the whole Tay/Tom/Calvin love triangle serving up more drama than a weekly recap of Home and Away, there hasn’t been much time for other Hollywood royalty to weigh in on what they think.

Now the mumma of reality TV, Kris Jenner, has given her expert opinion on whether the whole thing is one big publicity stunt or not and we are alllll ears.

"I don't know any of the details about her relationship or any of that but she's lovely and I'm sure just like anybody else, when you date somebody in this town everything becomes a photoshoot and there are people following you around and taking pictures," Kris told Kyle and Jackie O during their breakfast radio show.

SIDE NOTE: She's lovely... ya hear that Kanye?!

"Only Taylor and whoever she's with knows what's going on in that relationship," Kris added. True that, and considering Tom himself has assured erryone it's for realzies and not some elaborate plan for Tay's alleged new album...

She didn’t stop there though cause this is Kris and we all know she likes to put in her two cents.

"Like anybody else, it's just like my girls, I want everybody to find whatever makes them happy," she continued. "When you're young or dating and you have a very public life, it's got to be really hard. She has an amazing family and a wonderful mum and she's just trying to navigate, trying to date in this public eye just like everybody else."

It appears Kris not only believes this relationship is 100% real but she has also given TayTay her blessing - and we sure Tay's had many sleepless nights waiting on that #lel.