Kris Jenner's got a new plan for Kylie Jenner and it's gonna end in tears

Kylie is NOT going to like this.

By Sammy Stewart

It's no secret the Kardashian/Jenner clan have always had an issue with Kylie's BF Tyga. Since the first time he appeared on KUWTK, Mama Kris and all the gals have been pretty against the whole relationship. Partly because of their 8 year age gap, and also due to the fact that he has a baby with Rob's GF Blac Chyna.

But just as we thought Tyga was finally starting to get along with the family, it seems as though Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner have other ideas.

According to source very close to the family chatting with In Touch Weekly, Kylizzle's parents are desperate to end her relationship with Tygz, admitting she's spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars on her longtime boyfriend — and her parents just want her to be smart with her money."


The spending issue is getting so out of hand, the source adds saying, "Kris and Cait even involved Kylie's management team."

HECK! With Tyga's current not-so-good financial situation, here's hoping Mama Kris and Cait can get through to Kylie before it's too late.