This Jenner gal is changing her name to Kardashian... let the drama commence

Apparently "Jenner" is so 2015.

By Erin Van Der Meer

Kris Jenner just started some fresh kontroversy by revealing she’s changing her surname back to Kardashian.

In a deleted scene from the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris drops the bombshell on Khloé during a totally ~chill~ convo about Mexican food.

"Why? You haven't been that in over 24 years,” is Khloe’s definitely-not-chill response.

"I was that before you were that," Kris explains. "I was the original Kardashian."

BOOM! The OG Kardashian, y'all!

But the funniest moment comes when Khloé suggests her mum goes back to her maiden name (Houghton). Kris’s reply?

"If Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn, I think I'm good."

Oh snap! Kris is on fi-yah lately.

If it was anyone else it might seem odd for a woman to change her surname back to her late ex-husband’s, but when your last name is Kardashian? Two words: ka-ching.

It remains to be seen what Kylie and Kendall think about their mum’s decision. Hopefully they don’t totally disown her.

Source: Cosmopolitan.com.au