You’ll legit want to be BFFs with Kristen Stewart after you watch this

And go on a road trip with her. For real.

FACT: We’ve always been fans of Kristen Stewart and her latest interview will remind y’all that she’s the actual life of the party.

During a carpool interview with NYLON magazine, KStew buckled and chatted to the equally awesome interviewer, Suzie Riemer about snacks, chips, texting and what food to get at the petrol station.

Whopping out a bag of Fritos, Suzie gets to the big question of the day - what kind of food would K-Stew be filling her basket up with at the petrol station?

“Lunchables," Kristen replies without hesitation. But what kind? “I don’t discriminate, I love Lunchables.” Girl after our own heart - not fussy.

She goes on to discuss another topic close to our hearts - chips. “I love chips in other countries," she muses. "I love going to London and being like I’ll get the roast chicken chips and then Canada has ketchup chips and Seoul, Korea has spam masubi chips – that’s exciting.”

SAH EXCITING. Suzie gets a bit TOO excited though and takes things a bit far by suggesting cappucino-flavoured chips. “No. That’s weird," decides KStew.


Watch the rest here. And prepare to want to BFF the hell out of both Kristen and Suzie.