Kylie's Lip Kits have been accused of copying this brand yet again, so she's clapped back

She's had enoughhhh!

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kylie Jenner has had to constantly defend her Lip Kits against people claiming they're the same formula of other, cheaper brands. Like ColourPop's liquid lipsticks.

Jeffree Starr once criticised her product so hard it got a lot of people on Twitter to jump in, but Kylie still sells out every.damn.time.

She has, however, had to defend her Lip Kits yet again, and it's for the ~exact~ same reason.

Bae shared a video on her app, saying that: "ColourPop and I are not the same. I have an exclusive formula that I created myself. We have the same manufacturer, along with so many other brands. Just like how those big brands aren't ColourPop is exactly how my brand is.

"I really love ColourPop, I do," Kylie concluded. "But we're not the same."

Fans noticed veryyy similar packaging as well as application of the lipsticks, even though the shades are totally different.

Especially compared to Kylie's new Halloween collection <3.