ICYMI: Kylie Jenner makes a BRUTALLY honest statement about her lips

Proud of u bbz.

By Sammy Stewart

Ever since she bravely admitted to lip injections on Keep Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner has been pretty open about a lot of things.

“I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do," Kylie said on the show two years ago.

However in a recent interview with Allure where her sister Kim was acting as the interviewer, Kylie admits her lip obsession might've gotten out of hand at one point.

“I definitely made my lips a little too big at one point," Kylie admitted.

Kylizzle added: “I got excited and felt like I needed to do a lot. And then you guys were like, ‘Kylie, you need to chill.' And then I had to go back and have it fixed, and it was a crazy process.”

Kylie even joked that she was feeling pretty #BLESSED she didn't end up on another infamous reality show about people who take the plastic surgery too far, “Thank God I didn’t end up on Botched.”

Love your honesty, Kyliz.