Watch Kylie Jenner make out with her new boyfriend in his music video

This is steamy as HELL!

By Bianca Mastroianni

We're just gonna low-key make this statement about Kylie Jenner: she's a budding lil actress we tells ya!

She's no stranger to featuring in short films and even in some of her ex-boyfriend Tyga's film clips, but they have always been small roles.

Well now she's scored a LEAD part in her ~new~ boyfriend's film clip for Come and See Me.

Oh, and did we mention they totally make out in the rain and it's HOT!

The film clip has a real somber vibe, with Kylie playing the lonely gal waiting at home for her bae (lol Kylie waits around 4 NO man but whatever).

She pitter-patters around the house, does her makeup (using Kylie Lip Kits of course), and continuously texts PND to come see her while she stalks his Snapchat.

Sounds like a typical Friday night for us TBH.

Eventually PND realises he's being a major twat and comes to Kylie's rescue. And by rescue we mean they make out in the rain for a while.

If this isn't a massive #SOZNOTSOZ to Tyga, we don't know what is. Guess these two are a thing then?