Instagram banned this boobalicious photo of Kylie Jenner

Plz Instagram, let a girl live.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Was this photo of Kylie Jenner deleted by Instagram?

Kylie Jenner has never shied away from posting NSFW pics on Instagram.

But it seems like her most recent pic pushed the boundaries when it comes to ~boobies~ 'cos it's been deleted.

What you can see is a couple of Polaroid pics, one of which shows Kyliz in a sheer af bodysuit with conveniently places tiger emoji's covering her nipples.

A few hours after it was posted, it vanished. Sure, Kylie could have been the one to delete it, but we really doubt it considering the rest of her feed is basically the same aesthetic.

Look's like Instagram couldn't handle that much ~sexy~.