These Snapchat vids have made people think Kylie Jenner has 3000% gotten breast implants

Or you know, just invested in a really good push-up bra.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Sure, Kylie Jenner isn't specifically an A-cup, but these recent Snapchat videos show her looking rather buxom, even for her.

As Kyliz was focused on testing out all the new Snappy filters, everyone else was focused on whether the girls are real or not.

It wouldn't be the first time Kylie has undergone cosmetic surgery, having admitted to lip fillers in the past.

You can see in the vids that she's defs not wearing a bra. So either her top is EXTREMELY tight and pushing them so high they defy gravity, or she's 3000% had implants.

Kylie from a year ago.
Kylie from a year ago.

Kylie wrote on her website back in 2015 that she's "not against plastic surgery", and she was recently MIA because of ~food poisoning~.

HmMmMmMm... Either way, it's her decision and if she did decide to go up a few cup sizes, cheers to her. They look fab.