Watch Kris Jenner turn into Regina George's mum in Kylie's BTS video from her calendar shoot

And holy snake.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kylie Jenner likes to #bless her fans with many things... her recent pop-up store, a new line of clothes and not to mention letting us in on her daily life erryday on Snapchat.

Her most recent gift to us all is her calendar, and tbh she's never looked so baben'.


Each shot was something ~different~ and ~unique~, like Kylie on a bike, or chillin' with a snake.

Now, on her #exclusive app, she's shared a BTS video of her shoot, and the best part? Kris being the epic momager she is.

It's a total Mean Girls moment:

God bless, and Merry freakin' Christmas.