Kylie Jenner personally delivers KyShadow palettes to fans and this girl's reaction is all of us

Add delivery gal to your resume, Kylez.

By Bianca Mastroianni

When we hear the doorbell ring we're usually the first to yell out "SHOTTY NOT" because answering the door is so your mum's job, but if we opened it up to THIS surprise we'd be pretty happy to pause that Netflix.

After Kylie Jenner announced the release of her new Kylie Cosmetics "KyShadow" palette, she decided to spend her day surprising lucky fans with a personal delivery service.

Those lucky few didn't have to worry about Google crashing to try and get their hands on this new product, that's for sure.

This girl - who lives in the most adorable pink house ever - is basically all of us when she realises it's bloody Kylie Jenner standing at her door.

Although, this would probably be a better depiction of us:

As for the eyeshadows, there are three separate eye palettes to choose from and naturally they're all gorgeous.

We're obvi going to be ordering like 3000 and praying to the Kardashian gods that Kylie will make a little detour Down Under to deliver them to us.

A girl can dream.