Kylie Jenner ditched the AMAs for the most incredible reason EVER


By Natasha Harding

Folks watching the AMA red carpet yesterday were kinda devo that Kylie Jenner wasn’t in attendance but now the youngest Jenner sister has taken to Twitter to give us the closure we need.

Turns out her puppers, Bambi and Norman, are to blame.

Basically these guys got it on a while back and Bambi decided to go into labour right before Ky-lizzle was due to depart. So what did Ky do?


She was then bombarded with questions about the new kanine klan and wasn’t holding back on the answers.

Apparently the new pups were kind of an accident…

But it all worked out for the best.

There are no names so far.

And no, she ain’t selling them. Lol good try guys.

Then she gave us what we really wanted, A VIDEO OF THE PUPS BEING 100 PERCENT ADORBS.

We honestly didn’t think there was a good enough excuse for Ky letting us down like that but new puppies defo passes and makes us only love Ky more for being so supportive of her fur babies.