Kylie Jenner has only just done something that everyone's been doing like, forever

Uhh, welcome to the party Kylie.

When you’re living the life of a Kardashian/Jenner, you’re most likely being served major salads in plastic containers on a golden platter, or like caviar on toast for brekky, etc, etc.

Or so we assume.

BUT being a super-duper famous celeb doesn’t mean they aren’t human, and as a fellow human… it’s basically fact that we like fast food. Especially KFC. And when we say like, we mean love.

Kim Kardashian revealed last week what she orders every time she eats takeaway (which was inspiring BTW). So when we saw Kylie Snapchat some delish-looking Kentucky Fried Chicken captioned: “First time having KFC people,” we dropped our popcorn chicken in shock.

We have proof Kyliz enjoys a good ole In-N-Out feast, so we know she isn’t against a greasy snack but HOW do you escape the wonders of KFC for 18 YEARS!?

We can only assume she has since converted to the dark ways of Colonel Sanders, because let’s be real who can resist those eleven secret herbs and spices?!

She didn’t even enjoy the meal in America – the world capital of fast food - instead she feasted in Budapest, Hungary.