The new Kylie Jenner Lip Kit shade was removed from Instagram, and ~drAaAmaaa~


By Bianca Mastroianni

When a new Kylie Lip Kit shade is released, we get pretttty damn excited. Well, we give it a glance and make a brief comment and move on with our lives.

Over the weekend we just did just that when a new ~birthday edition~ Lip Kit shade called 'Leo' (Kylie's star sign as her b'day is August 10th) started floating around Instagram, only to be violently deleted shortly after.

The Lip Kit, which was another red/brown/nude-ish colour (standarrrrd) was supposedly leaked online before Kylie's approval.

According to the Instagram account The Lip Snitches, Kylie's legal team contacted her to remove all pics.

Awks. So much drama.

Kylie did, however, confirm on Twitter that three new matte colours are set to be released, so only time will tell if ~Leo~ will be one of those three.

The scandalous lives of lipstick elite...